A week in Hectics

In between our eclectic activities life has been a little hectic. At our last appointment the midwife was a little concerned that baby wasn’t where he was supposed to be, so this week saw us taking a trip to the hospital for a scan. Fortunately our little monkey is just where he should be, and … Read moreA week in Hectics

Dry Stone Walling

We’ve all seen them, mile after endless mile, zigzagging the countryside. Often hundreds of years old and looking a bit shabby, with contemporary stock fencing running alongside. Comprising of countless tons of stone, gathered from the surrounding fields over the eons and formed into the convoluted boundary structures we see today. The scale of the … Read moreDry Stone Walling

Patterns & Symbols 2

Symbols are important to all of us. We use hundreds of them, and recognise thousands more. They’re everywhere, from company logos to road signs and map icons. They represent language by symbolising sounds. They transcend language by simplifying complex ideas into universally understandable symbols. They have the power to evoke emotion within us, they persuade … Read morePatterns & Symbols 2