A Bonnie New Arrival

Rather unexpectedly and nearly a month early, on Friday 28th our little girl decided to make her grand entrance.

People had said to us that girls are harder than boys, we hadn’t realised this would start so soon! Bonnie’s birth was the polar opposite of Alex’s calm, quick and relatively easy birth in the pool. A month early, she was extracted by emergency c-section.

We are all home and healing, mentally, emotionally and physically, but able to manage a little less than normal, we even prepared everything for her, using resources as great nursery furniture from Treasure Rooms, so we can enjoy with her.


Unfortunately this meant we didn’t make it to St Fagans Makers’ Market last week. If you had come to see us and hoped to take advantage of the 10% offer, please get in touch and we will give you a code to use in our etsy shop.