1 day 12 pics – July

1day12pics July

I like to try and join in with the 1day12pics challenge on Instagram, some months go better than others. Sometimes it coincides with us doing something interesting, but more often than not it challenges me to try and find interesting ways to capture the everyday. I hope you enjoy this months effort. If you would … Read more1 day 12 pics – July

Vive le Fleece

Hectic Eclectic's Frenetic Fleece

You may have noticed that at Hectic Eclectic we have a small sheep obsession. This is partly caused by and partly responsible for my wool and fibre arts fondness. I am planing on doing the Tour de Fleece this year, but in the hopes of making better progress than in previous years, rather than just … Read moreVive le Fleece


New mug designs - Glastonbaary, Bee Hippie, Cool As Sheep

We used to live within sight of Glastonbury Tor. There was a comfort in it’s presence, you knew if you could see the Tor that you were close to home. Yesterday the 2019 Glastonbury Festival began so to celebrate we created this sheepy tribute. Of course Glastonbury, unlike the magical Avalon, can be found at … Read moreGlastonbaary


Too close for comfort

Earlier this week I spent an especially anxious evening. I had not long settled the little ones to sleep when I discovered that there was a grass fire raging on the hillside very near us. Chris was at work, so I was home alone with no car, 2 sleeping toddlers and my nearly 80 year … Read moreWildfire!