A week in Hectics

In between our eclectic activities life has been a little hectic.

At our last appointment the midwife was a little concerned that baby wasn’t where he was supposed to be, so this week saw us taking a trip to the hospital for a scan. Fortunately our little monkey is just where he should be, and the sonographer estimated him to be 6lb10ozs and in a ‘froggy’ position.

Our return to Wales is still on track, despite our solicitors best efforts, and should be on Thursday! We are very much hoping our bump remains a bump till after the move. We have everything crossed, my legs included, hoping he doesn’t decide the side of the M5 would be exciting!

Last weekend we had a stand at the West of England Game Fair. We got to spend lots of time with the fun folk of the Somerset Smallholders Association and sold enough to be in profit. It was our first real show and was a really good learning experience.

We also had an appointment with the health visitor and with a specialist GP about Chris’ eczema. He has a theory that Somerset makes eczema worse! Hopefully our return to Wales and the changing season will make things better.

All in all a rather busy week, but quiet in comparison with the week ahead!

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