All Change

Our last post a month ago talked about how busy we had been, and how much busier it was about to get. Well it really did!

Our move back to Wales went as planned and our new home has turned out to be even more perfect than we had expected. We are not just blessed with a fantastic new family home, but also with the best neighbours who we already consider to be good friends.

Fortunately keeping everything crossed did the trick and we did not have a baby on the side of the M5. But he didn’t wait for long and was born four days after our move.


Today our beautiful, perfect little man is three weeks old! And it has been the most incredible, exhausting and rewarding three weeks of our lives.

Hopefully as we get used to the new way of things we will post more pics of our precious little tyrant and our fabulous new Welsh hillside home.

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  1. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t shocked. Big congrats!

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