Long absence

Don’t you hate those posts that are just an excuse about how long it’s been since the last post?!?! I do, but I thought it might be worth explaining our absence, and seeing if there is anyone still out there wondering if we have anything to say!

At the end of October last year our lives changed rather suddenly and dramatically. My Mum had a severe stroke. Thankfully she was in the right place at the right time and so is still with us. But it left things like work and blogs as rather low on the priority list.

With Mum not really at her best, Grandma with dementia on a five minute loop, and Dad still being in recovery from his third hip replacement (no he isn’t some kind of a weird tripod man!), they needed a little support. “Thankfully” we were in a position to be able to up-sticks and move from our peaceful idyllic location in Wales to the madness of Somerset, and into what was at the time a building site! Trust me at the end of last year I could rarely find words that could have been published, so you didn’t miss anything!

We survived 2013 though and things seem to be settling into some kind of normalcy. We have bought a lovely old cottage, so we don’t have to live in the looney bin any more. We have taken advantage of the parents having a 2 acre field to get a small flock of Shetland sheep. And hopefully now we are back to a point that Hectic Eclectic can get a little more attention.

Dear Universe, this isn’t a challenge! We really don’t need any more ‘interesting times’, but thank you very much for the lesson in being grateful for little things!

Thanks for bearing with us and hopefully it wont be 6 months before the next post! 🙂

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