Freedom from the weed

Today we are becoming non-smokers!

We have been talking about stopping this nasty habit for months now. A couple of weeks ago we we were running out so decided to stop, we lasted 1 day, found an excuse about smoker friends coming to visit and bought some more.

We hadn’t said anything to anyone, so there was no-one to disappoint. Which is why I am telling you all on here!

This weekend we are seeing both Mum’s, who will be very happy when we turn up and surprise them by not stinking like an ashtray!

Do you have any advice or encouragement for us? Any help would be most welcome as we are thinking that doing this without killing each other might be tricky!

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  1. There is a great book that has been the saving grace of several friends. I will find out what it is called and let you know.
    I would also think that it would really help if you tell everyone around you (not just readers of your blog) that you are no longer smokers and from this day forward you wish to known as Healthy Heidi and Crystal Clean Chris
    Tash 🙂

    1. Is the book you are thinking of the ‘Easyway to quit smoking’? It’s a good book that helped me last time, when I managed to be weed free for about 7 years! It is currently living on my coffee table! 🙂

  2. hmmm easy start smoking again its better than life in a 6 foot x 6 foot room !!!!

    1. lol Steve, not an option. We want to be smoke free.

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