Origin Story – Heidi’s version

I have been thinking that maybe we should post more often in the blog and that maybe it would be good to have a post explaining how we came to be here sharing our thoughts. And so when today’s WordPress Daily Post prompt came through as “Origin Post – Why did you start your blog? Is that why you blog, or has your site gone in a different direction than you’d planned?” it seemed that now was the time to do it! So here goes …

At the beginning of this year we were living in a rented house in Oxfordshire; it was very expensive to run, drafty, cold and in an area that wasn’t as rural as we would both like. Chris was bored and miserable in his job. As I work from home the location really had little to hold us. So we made a rather ‘sudden’ (as far as our family and friends were concerned) decision to move to Wales. This was in part because we had just had a holiday on the edge of the Brecon Beacons and loved the beauty of the countryside, and partly because rental prices in Wales are considerably less than in Oxfordshire!


Having moved Chris started looking for work. But what to do? What kind of job could he get that would really use his creative ability and talents? What kind of job could he find that wouldn’t just be a ‘daily grind’ and leave him as bored and unfulfilled as before? I am very lucky to have found a career that I love, and a job that gives me the challenges and flexibility that I need. I want that for him too.

While browsing on Amazon one day I spotted a Pyrography tool, just a cheap model, but I thought it looked like something Chris might enjoy, so I surprised him with it. As it turned out from the very start, even with a cheap model, he was very good (I don’t think I am being too biased). Maybe this could be something that we could turn into a business – and so Hectic Eclectic was born. As a web developer obviously the first thing for me to do was to create a site to allow Chris to share his work, and a blog was just a logical part of that.

Chris' first pyrography creation

The blog quickly became more than simply a way to share his creations as he loves to write, and is interested in so many different subjects. Then I joined in! I used to have a blog when I lived a rather unusual life in Canada running a hobby farm, and when I returned to a more standard lifestyle in the UK I rather abandoned it. But I missed blogging. I love capturing moments with my camera, and had found the blog was not only a good way of sharing my favourites and getting feedback, but also a source of creativity and challenges.

So now ‘Thoughts for Nought’ is not just a platform for Chris’ pyrography and tool for what will hopefully be a successful career for him. But is also a place for us both to share our other interests, thoughts and random ramblings.

One of my favourite captures

We very much hope you enjoy our ramblings, and are very keen to have your feedback whether positive or negative, although hopefully constructive.

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