The Magic Numbers

Is a magic number.
Yes it is, it’s a magic number.
Somewhere in that ancient mystic trinity,
You’ll get three,
That’s one, two, three,
And that’s the Magic Number.

Or is it….?

Last night the magic number was four. Four Magic Numbers, two sets of brother and sister musicians, playing an acoustic set at the Pontadawe Arts Centre theatre.

They played a fantastic concert, and I think I prefer their music in this acoustic form. I’ve never been to a sitting down gig before (bean-bag rooms in chill-out zones at psychedelic-trance nights don’t count), so it was a bit strange to be seated while a band was strumming up the stage.

With Dougal on guitar and the guy at the back on the drums, that left the two chicks, who play pretty much every instrument you could fit onto a small town theatre stage. And not just one playing some and the other playing the others, no, they both play all of them, switching it this way and that like a kid with the TV remote.

They’re all really talented and if you get the chance you should go see them. At the end the band came into the bar to chat with the audience, sign stuff and pose for pics. We had a good chin wag with the drummer, who kindly got me a beer.

Cool people, fun night.

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