Charlie Chow

A couple of the blogs that I have discovered recently and starting following, have had posts (Tash Just Tash – Spooning with the dog; Hippie-Land – My Baby) introducing their furry side-kicks; and as, in my possibly slightly biased opinion, Charlie is the cutest being in the whole world, I thought he also deserved an introduction.

Charlie came into my life in August 2009. He was the first dog I had fostered after the loss of my big dog Zeus. He got out of the car that morning, came straight to me for a cuddle and I was lost. I became a foster-flunky – not for the first or last time!

Charlie paddling Charlie by the reservoir

I looked through my old blog and found this, which was written back in 2010 when I was really struggling with depression.

He is my therapy dog. When the world seems grey, dull and pointless he is a point of colour. He is always beside me, never judging, just supporting, loving, cuddling. He sticks close and makes sure I always know I am loved and I am not alone.

In 2011 I made some rather huge life-changes and returned to the UK, Charlie of course came with me. Then I met Chris, Charlie approved. Unfortunately Chris is allergic to animals! Fortunately with time Chris has been able to acclimatize to them, and with a little extra effort, and a new Dr (but that’s a whole ‘nother story) we have found it possible to all live together happily. It is a bit of a cosmic joke that I, as a self-confirmed crazy cat-lady, who could not possibly live with out fur-babies, would fall in love with someone who is allergic!

Charlie admiring garden henge Windswept Chow Chow

Charlie is still my rock, he is always close by. He hates me going anywhere without him. If he thinks there is any risk of me escaping while he takes a nap, he sleeps against my chair or in the doorway!

He is a complete princess and hates getting wet, the photo at the top was a very rare occurrence and only because the water was super clean! He really likes sheep – no I mean really – in an overexcited I want to eat you kind of way, that means since we moved most walks are on the lead so he doesn’t get shot for sheep worrying! He is very fussy about treats and certain treats have to be taken outside and chased around the garden – with help from us – before they can be eaten!

To celebrate my beautiful boy I created a treasury on etsy of all the cutest chow related things I could find.

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  1. Yvonne

    Hi Heidi – I have just caught your adorable treasury on Etsy, which brought me to this post.

    Charlie is absolutely gorgeous, fur babies truly are a comfort when we need uplifting.

    I hope your life, love and happiness remain healthy and positive : )

    1. The Shutter-Nutter Heidi

      Thank you Yvonne, Charlie always likes to hear how gorgeous he is! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Lala

    glad to see both you and Charlie are healthy and happy.
    love from the other side of the pond….L

    1. The Shutter-Nutter Heidi

      Thanks Lala, hope the world has been treating you well, maybe you could visit this side of the pond one day xx

      1. Tash Thomas

        Hi Heidi,
        It’s so great to know I am not the only neurotic pet owner. I am also a crazy cat lady and never thought I’d love a dog so much. Great blog and thanks for the backlink. I love your site and shared it on my Facebook.

        Tash… Just Tash!

        1. The Shutter-Nutter Heidi

          Thanks so much Tash. I think there are lots of us neurotic pet owners, its just that some people hide it better! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Aimee

    He is so very cute. I certainly know what you mean about animals, particularly dogs, being able to lift your spirits. They seem to know just when to give you some of that unconditional love!

    1. The Shutter-Nutter Heidi

      Thank you Aimee, he always appreciates compliments! ๐Ÿ™‚

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