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WordPress posts a Weekly Writing Challenge and a Weekly Photo Challenge, this weeks writing challenge is “A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words” and based on the image to the right. The photo challenge is “Carefree”. Normally we have so much to share that there isn’t time to enter these challenges, but these have made the words spill out so I just need to share, before they make too much of a mess on my desk!

Merry-go-rounds always remind me of the summers I spent with my Dad. Every year the summer holidays would roll around and I would be off on a plane to spend a month in Canada with my Dad, visiting with my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Dad and I would go for long bike rides, often along the canal in Montreal. On the way to the canal was a park and we loved to stop and play on the swings (I still love to play on the swings), seeing how high we could get and then jumping off, seeing how fast we could get the merry-go-round going!

Me August 1988 Dad August 1988 Me & Dad August 1988

Earlier this year my Dad came to visit, I hadn’t seen him in over 2 years and it was the first time for him and Chris to meet. I discovered that there is something to the old adage that girls choose men like their fathers. Both my Dad and Chris are very intelligent, with amazing memories for interesting facts. They don’t take themselves too seriously. They are Silly – and yes that is with a capital S! They can seem so carefree, just enjoying the moment, not worrying about the rest of the world. But if you need them, if you are hurt, they are there.

Dad July 2013 Chris July 2013 Dad & Chris July 2013

Now this will come as quite a shock to anyone who actually knows me, but Chris and I are planning on having a family, and yes I mean children!!! We are hoping to be blessed with biological children, but have decided that we very much want to adopt children as well. (I promise there will be another post on this!)

I hope that our children will have such fun memories when they are older. Chris is already planning the fun things we can teach them, like tree-climbing, rock-pooling and fishing. I think that given where we live we are going to have to build our own swings (maybe Chris should get on to that now before I have to share) and hopefully their grandpa will come teach them how!

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