Earlier this week I spent an especially anxious evening. I had not long settled the little ones to sleep when I discovered that there was a grass fire raging on the hillside very near us.

Chris was at work, so I was home alone with no car, 2 sleeping toddlers and my nearly 80 year old mother-in-law next door. I spent the evening trying to discover what was happening out there on the hillside behind me while not freaking out!

It was only the next day that we were able to discover the extent of the damage deliberately caused and how close it had been.

Cwmbach February grass fire

The picture above is taken from a distance showing the extent of the damage. It took four appliances 3 hours to control. You can see pictures of the fire raging in the BBC article: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-47379018

The picture below was taken at the end of our lane, which gives an idea of how close this was to us.

Too close for comfort

Chris tried to reassure me that there is plenty of green grass and less flammable material between this area and our house, but with my anxiety levels currently being so high I was struggling to take his word for it.

Firefighter Alex

Today I was reassured. Those same amazing people who protected us earlier in the week were at the local country park today educating the public. And I think I recognised the guy who absolutely rocked it on The Voice recently! Sadly I wasn’t brave enough to ask him for a song! 🙂

The kids had a fabulous time and Alex declared he would be a fireman! I think he agreed to do a shift tomorrow!

Firefighter Bonnie

It also did me the world of good. I had the chance to chat with a couple of the guys who were out there protecting us, and they were understanding, reassuring and patient with an apprehensive Mum.

They literally have our backs!

So really the point of this post is to say Thank You and you do an amazing job to our Fire Service and all the emergency services who keep us safe.

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