Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Have you missed us? Did you even notice our absence? 🙂

A blog is a strange creature, as the time since the last post gets longer the harder it gets to sit down and write! I stopped writing back in August for a good reason, and while the reason passed I still couldn’t seem to relocate my blogging mojo. But enough is enough, so here is a little catch up on our last few months.

August found me rather overcome by morning sickness and the overwhelming tiredness that comes with being in the first trimester of pregnancy! Yep, after a long wait we are expecting. We have now reached the half way point so are not so cagey about sharing the news.


We were planning on getting married next September, but when we discovered that we were expecting we both felt it important that we be married before the arrival of our little one.
Not because we are terribly concerned with being conventional, but mostly because we want to share a name.

It is particularly important for me it is because I grew up as the odd one out in the family, having a different surname to everyone else, and the idea of being the outsider again, and in my own family, really bothers me. I know it sounds silly!

As the second trimester is the best chance of me being able to have the most fun at our little party we are getting married in 14 days! It is very small and we are doing it all ourselves, so are keeping quite busy.

Chris has also been creating beautiful things in the last couple of months, but that will have to be another post, I promise you won’t have to wait 3 months!

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