Origin Story – Chris’ Version

(Heidi says I need a WordPress Daily Post link in here, so here it is)

The inception of the blog is integral to the creation of the website, and as such I couldn’t relate the provenance of one without including the genesis of the other.

The very first blog post I wrote was a piece on consciousness, in which I talk about the lamentable loss of freedom we now silently suffer by allowing the state to convince us not to seek to explore our own minds.

It was quite a lengthy piece (as was that last sentence), which was initially intended for facebook, but Heidi suggested I start a blog and post it there.

At the same time I had just started doing pyrography, and as with all nascent skills there was a learning curve to surmount, of which I’m still only just filling my backpack and am yet to put my boots on.

Heidi’s super skills as a website developer helped with the decision to create a site for our interests, and once it was up and running I began uploading my pyrography and poetry and posting about fire writing, mythology, science and space and all sorts of things.

There are so many subjects I want to write about, but finding the time to scribble them down is what I find difficult, but with luck, patience, and continuing electricity, I will be posting regularly about the things that fascinate me.

Ah, I’ve just read Heidi’s take on the formulation of the blog and the site. Isn’t it funny how two people so close can see things so differently? Well, it certainly gave Heidi a good laugh!

I think her version is much better than mine, so let’s go with that as the official story, eh?