DIY Wedding

Due to the discovery of our impending family growth spurt our wedding plans were brought forward by almost a year, and with only about a month for the planning and preparation. We also wanted to do it with a very small budget as we are also in the process of moving house, and new arrivals require no small expense.

So while pregnant, house hunting and holding down a full time job I decided it would be a great idea to do it all myself, with a little help from the rather patient Chris!


Our wedding was a very simple affair, the ceremony was at the registry office and the reception was at our rather small cosy home. Most registry offices only seem to allow 2 witnesses, but we are fortunate that Taunton allows for 15 witnesses for no extra fee. This was just enough for our parents and siblings, so made the guest list very short, simple and with no way to offend anyone not invited!

The Family

The reception was also very small due to the space restrictions of our home, we had only a small number of close friends who were entirely outnumbered by our excessive family! 

We spent the month before preparing food and filling freezers, both of ours and my mums! And were lucky to have help from my siblings on the night before the wedding with the final preparation. We also designed and printed the wedding stationary, made and decorated our cake, did the flowers, made the wedding favours, made oathing stones and a ring bearers box. (There will be more posts with details.)


The day was perfect, it was simple and rustic, and went with just the one hitch. It was about our family, and the people who are as special to us as family. It was the way we wanted with no pressure or expectations from anyone else.

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