Memory Burden Reducers – aka Bookmarks

It’s a little known fact but in our hectic modern society the human brain is able to remember more than four things at a time, an incredible feat of referencing and recall. But now, thanks to the recent invention of the bookmark, you can remove one of those memory burdens in order to add another. … Read moreMemory Burden Reducers – aka Bookmarks

Extraordinary Mushrooms

Just last week I was exploring at the bottom of the garden, where the grass grows high and the trees are twisty and covered in moss, when I chanced upon an unusual patch of extraordinary mushrooms. Fascinated, I knelt down and crawled carefully forward for a closer look. I was astonished to see little windows … Read moreExtraordinary Mushrooms

When life gives you lemons …

“When life gives you lemons, make a gin and tonic!” This philosophical phrase, which is an allegory for maintaining a positive attitude in the face of adversity, was first coined by Confucius during the capture of Shandong Province when the Zhou Dynasty, known for their militant use of fruit during the easier campaigns, pelted the … Read moreWhen life gives you lemons …

Dry Stone Walling

We’ve all seen them, mile after endless mile, zigzagging the countryside. Often hundreds of years old and looking a bit shabby, with contemporary stock fencing running alongside. Comprising of countless tons of stone, gathered from the surrounding fields over the eons and formed into the convoluted boundary structures we see today. The scale of the … Read moreDry Stone Walling

Bryan is Supplyin’ some wood for Glorifyin’ (no G)*

Findin’ new and interestin’ things to scorch can be quite difficult, and the various different craft shops tend to sell the same items. It’s fun to burn somethin’ different now and again so I was excited to discover the husband of a friend of ours spends a fair amount of time in his workshop creatin’ … Read moreBryan is Supplyin’ some wood for Glorifyin’ (no G)*