Bye Bye Bongo, Bongo Bye Bye

Breaking news: the hectic-eclectic mystery machine, which is the Mazda Bongo Friendee, is to be sold.

This van, which we used to solve such crimes as the case of the missing midnight cheese, where we parked on the driveway of the family’s estate and steaked out the kitchen to discover who was sneaking about in the middle of the night and stealing cheese. I had my money on a giant ninja mouse with an enchanted stick-on moustache that enabled him to become invisible. Heidi said it was probably grandma, and didn’t even want to sleep on the driveway, saying it was ME who was crazy.

It turned out to be grandma.

Where was I? Oh yes. This van, in which we won a round the world race against a tall Victorian gentleman in a hot air balloon, is now going on the market.


If you’d like a piece of history, remembering that the Bongo, built in 1997, is made from Nasa’s Orion spacecraft, which was launched last year. Shortly after Orion headed off into space it disappeared, fell into some sort of gobbledygook time hole and appeared back on Earth before it left.

It turned out to be a wormhole, or something.

Where was I? Oh yes. If you’d like a piece of history, just get in touch via sonic brain waves, telepathy, or if you’re a bluff old traditionalist like me you can message me and let me know you’re interested.

The price is yet to be determined, but will likely be in the area of about seven hundred and twenty three haircuts.


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