So, keyrings, being so little, can be done in minutes, right?

That all depends on what you put on them. A simple name can be done quickly, as can the hearts I did on the back of Heidi’s keyring. But as with all art, the more complex the design the more time it takes to complete, and even little keyrings can take a while once you start making them more intricate.

Here are some I did recently.

Keyrings pre varnish
Keyrings post varnish
Keyring backs - names

If you’d like one made for you hop over to our Etsy shop and let me know the name and design you want. The name needs not to be too long, because it might not fit on! Six letters or less is good. The design on the back can be a variation of any of the ones I’ve done, or you can suggest an image, like a frog or a flower or a bat or a frying pan or a space ship or a beetle or a guitar or a brain or a cat or a pig or a frog (did I say that already?). It’s up to you, what ever image you want.

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