Bryan is Supplyin’ some wood for Glorifyin’ (no G)*

Findin’ new and interestin’ things to scorch can be quite difficult, and the various different craft shops tend to sell the same items. It’s fun to burn somethin’ different now and again so I was excited to discover the husband of a friend of ours spends a fair amount of time in his workshop creatin’ … Read moreBryan is Supplyin’ some wood for Glorifyin’ (no G)*

Wedding – Ring bearers box & Oathing stones

Where does the time go? I really had meant to write about some of our creative Wedding DIY projects far sooner, we have now been married for over 3 whole months! But as they say “better late than never”! Even though our ceremony was small and concise, we wanted our families to be involved, so … Read moreWedding – Ring bearers box & Oathing stones

Coasters, a short history

Although this post is called a short history, coasters actually have a very long career of hanging out under our cups and glasses and stopping drips of drinks from staining our furniture. Let’s find out more shall we? The origin of the coaster is shrouded in mystery, possibly kept under wraps by the Freemasons, but … Read moreCoasters, a short history

Patterns & Symbols 2

Symbols are important to all of us. We use hundreds of them, and recognise thousands more. They’re everywhere, from company logos to road signs and map icons. They represent language by symbolising sounds. They transcend language by simplifying complex ideas into universally understandable symbols. They have the power to evoke emotion within us, they persuade … Read morePatterns & Symbols 2