Tread Softly Hare

We are huge fans of the extraordinarily talented Jen at My Paper Cut Heart, we have several pieces of her art on our walls at home, and my favourite travel mug has the Tread Softly design on it. So when she agreed to a little collaboration we were thrilled.

Tread Softly Hare giant coaster

Chris will only be making 6 of these special limited edition giant coasters, so if you would like to be one of the lucky few, just pop over to our shop.

Chris was inspired to write this poem when he first saw Jen’s beautiful design.

Tread softly secret hare,
Skipping here and hopping there.
Always in a hurried rush,
You travel in a silent hush.
Then pause upon your little paws,
To chew the grass with little gnaws.
And in a flash you’re gone from sight,
Off rushing through the meadow bright.
So here I’m left to wonder where,
You’ll go today, oh secret hare.

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