Competition Winner

When we asked Steve, the winner of July’s competition what he wanted as his prize, he was a little vague. Maybe something with a snake and maybe some words like “Reptiles at large” or “There’s a snake loose aboot this hoouse”!

We also know that Steve likes reptiles (no this isn’t a comment about his character!) and loves his motorbike.

Chris went away to ponder, and came back with two different designs…

Snake Loose Lizard on a Motorbike

He sent them across to Steve, who couldn’t decide. Which leads us to the post from last week “Cool Banana’s Our First Sale”, as Steve liked both designs so much he bought the other one!

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  1. thanks you two there gr8 🙂 looking forward to getting them, just now got to find some were for them to go 🙂

  2. I love the biker reptile! Its great Chris. I will post to my FB!
    Tash 🙂

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