Ystrad Recycling

In yet another inspired display of super awesomeness my googling girlfriend found a local volunteer centre called Ystrad Recycling that turns old timber into new things.

With my foot still disfunctionial Heidi drove me down there and in we went to check it out. Because it’s a charity, depending on the good will of the public and the time and skills of the volunteers, the centre was like a showroom of the sofas of yester-year, with items of wood-craft dotted around.

Behind the scenes though the Ystrad Recycling centre is a cornucopia of wood tools and work benches, stacked with timber and packed with power tools.

My hope for this little excursion was to find a source of free, or cheap, wood to use for my pyrography (and I did come home with a nice piece of unknown wood to use), but when I explained what I do to Simon, who runs the centre, he asked if I’d be interested in teaching a class there.

I’ll admit I wasn’t expecting that, and after he repeated the question, and I was sure I had heard right the first time, I said sure, why not.

So he gave me some pieces of wood, and I promised him a sign (which you can see around here somewhere), since I had some wood tools around, still finding the right sharpener for your chainsaw sometimes is not that easy, and a chainsaw are necessary to cutting some of these pieces around.

Ystrad Recycling

Ah, there it is. Simon loved the sign, and will be taking it to the craft shows, and keeping it on the wall at the centre. When my foot’s healed I’ll be carting my burner down there and attempting to teach pyrography. All I need now is a jacket with leather patches on the elbows and I’ll be all set.

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