Wedding – Ring bearers box & Oathing stones

Where does the time go? I really had meant to write about some of our creative Wedding DIY projects far sooner, we have now been married for over 3 whole months! But as they say “better late than never”!

Even though our ceremony was small and concise, we wanted our families to be involved, so we had a brother each as a witness and wanted to have Chris’ nephew as a ring bearer.

I came across the idea of a ring bearer’s box, which seemed a far safer option for putting rings in the hands of a small boy. Also it being a wooden box meant that Chris could create something really beautiful and truly unique.

Ring Bearer's box Ring Bearer's box

We lined it with a little wool from our sheep, and it provided the perfect safe place for our rings on the day. Oscar did an absolutely fabulous job of delivering the rings and his participation was very special to us.

We had also discovered an ancient Celtic tradition of Oathing stones, where the bride & groom hold a stone during the ceremony which ‘casts’ the vows into the stones. The guests also hold stones which are imbued with their love and good wishes.

We found some perfect heart shaped stones which Chris carved on one side with our names and the other with the date.

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My lovely Aunt, who also doubled as our driver, took charge of handing out the stones with a little description so people would know what was going on.

Chris & Heidi will be holding an Oathing stone as they make their vows. It is believed, in ancient Celtic tradition, that holding this during the ceremony casts the vows into the stone.

The one you are holding is a symbol of your relationship, love, good wishes and heartfelt blessings to Chris & Heidi. It will serve as a lasting reminder of your presence at their wedding and of the love that they shared on this their special day.

As you hold the blessing stone, please reflect for a moment your wishes for this couple for love, happiness, prosperity, and unity as they exchange their wedding vows.

Following the ceremony please give your imbued stone to either Chris or Heidi so they can keep these special mementos forever.

The box now provides a perfect home for our Oathing stones, and is a treasured and decorative reminder of the day.

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