A Sploosh of Colour

I decided some of the coasters I did could do with brightening up, so I bought some acrylic paint. I’m not sure if acrylic is going to be fully heat resistant and beer-spill resistant, so I’ll have to do some extensive testing. Any excuse for a rowdy drunkening.
The purple colour is the acrylic paint, but the yellow is done with water-colour pencil, so I’ll see how they both hold up.


I also coloured the garden sign, which I did with water-colour pencils. I think the pencils give a subtler colour effect, but the more striking, bolder colours work well with the coasters.

Garden Sign

The coasters were finished with the Ronseal fence varnish, and it doesn’t work all that well on them. Hot cups make them sticky, and I rarely drink cold coffee. In future I either won’t varnish them at all, or I’ll use the spray on Plasti-Kote varnish.

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  1. Love them Heidi, very funky!
    Tash 🙂

    1. Thanks Tash!

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