The Great Ribbon Robbery

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When books were invented they were the size of a church door. You had to have a special room built on the side of your house to keep them in. But as technology’s come in they’ve got the size down so that now you can carry that book without it spoiling the line of a tight fitting bodice, or cagool.

Originally books had a fancy piece of ribbon on the spine that allowed you to save the page you were on, but after the Great Ribbon Robbery of 1653 the nation’s ribbon reserves were entirely depleted and a new way of remembering where we’d got to in a book was urgently needed.

Some small rogue elements of society began folding the edges of a page over to remember their place, but the government outlawed the practice, deeming it to be ‘a heinous act of wilful vandalism that strikes at the very core of moral decency, and mildly confusing to the next person to read the book’.

A Great Leap Forward came with the Renaissance, which was triggered by the invention of the bookmark. The western world marvelled at its own magnificence, and the inventor of the bookmark, a man from Droitwich named Mark Book was made Emperor of the Known Universe and bookmarks became available to all, even those who couldn’t read.

Now you too can own an actual bookmark! These future-classic and family heirlooms are available in our etsy shop. There is a choice of styles, either leather with designs burned on using a Pyrography tool, or antique silver plated metal bookmarks featuring beads and charms. If you don’t see something that quite suits then please get in touch and we can make something specially for you.