Return of the Great British Bake Off!

We aren’t sure how to feel yet about the Great British Bake Off moving from the BBC, but have to admit that there were some amazing cakes on last nights show. I really want to eat that Sandwich! 🙂 Why not encourage your future Bake Off winner with one of these lovely titles … Or … Read moreReturn of the Great British Bake Off!

Memory Burden Reducers – aka Bookmarks

It’s a little known fact but in our hectic modern society the human brain is able to remember more than four things at a time, an incredible feat of referencing and recall. But now, thanks to the recent invention of the bookmark, you can remove one of those memory burdens in order to add another. … Read moreMemory Burden Reducers – aka Bookmarks

Extraordinary Mushrooms

Just last week I was exploring at the bottom of the garden, where the grass grows high and the trees are twisty and covered in moss, when I chanced upon an unusual patch of extraordinary mushrooms. Fascinated, I knelt down and crawled carefully forward for a closer look. I was astonished to see little windows … Read moreExtraordinary Mushrooms

Wedding – Ring bearers box & Oathing stones

Where does the time go? I really had meant to write about some of our creative Wedding DIY projects far sooner, we have now been married for over 3 whole months! But as they say “better late than never”! Even though our ceremony was small and concise, we wanted our families to be involved, so … Read moreWedding – Ring bearers box & Oathing stones

30 Days, 30 Minutes

While roaming the blogasphere I stumbled across Stuff and Nonsense, they are participating in something called “30 Days – 30 Minutes” which is a creativity challenge laid down by Rag Baby. “You must spend 30 minutes a day for 30 days creating something. They don’t have to be consecutive days, there just have to be … Read more30 Days, 30 Minutes