Keyrings for the Kids

Recently my whole family came to visit us here in wonderful Wales, and afterwards my sister-in-law Georgina asked me to do some keyrings for my nephew Oscar and a couple of his friends.

Keyring names Keyring designs

Oscar and Harry love planes (and cars), and Lottie’s mum and dad have a camper van, so I knew exactly how to burn the backs of the keyrings, which are for putting onto their book bags for school.

Here’s an adorable shot of Oscar and Harry with their book bag tags.


The boys wanted to get matching keyrings for their Daddy’s too. Oscar wanted a motorbike on it for his dad, as Phil is a keen biker, and Harry wanted a plane like his on the one for his dad.

Keyring names Keyring designs

Keyrings are an important part of life, they entertain our keys while we keep them in our pockets and help us determine who’s keys are who’s. But, as I’ve discovered, you don’t necessarily have to have keys to have a keyring. I mean, it’s not the law or anything – at least, not here in Wales.

So if you have keys of your own and would like to keep them happy and make them feel loved, why not get them a funky keyring. Or if you have a little critter, give their schoolbag a fun friend to chat to while the kids are busy doing their school work.

Just drop me a line through the website – via the Communication Station, or bounce over to our etsy shop, and I’ll scorch you a keyring of your very own!

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