First Commissioned Piece

Once upon a time, back in the distant past when the world was young, I was commissioned to do a sign. The sign probably took less time to design, burn and deliver than this blog post about it has taken to get published. This paragraph is acting as a preface to the actual post, which follows, because after finishing the sign I got sidetracked with fighting dinosaurs, inventing the wheel, and creating the internet. Anyway, now were back to the here and now I can post the post about the sign…

As a pyrographer I burn art into wood, which is great, except that wood is pretty expensive. I went out on a limb and got in contact with a local carpenter I found on the internet and asked him if he had any off cuts he didn’t need.

Richard, the carpenter and all round good guy, said no problem, come and see what I’ve got. So off we went and he showed me his work shed where he keeps random bits of wood. I wasn’t expecting anything marvelous, just pieces for practicing on really, but Richard gave me some very nice chunks of wood, including oak, redwood and sepelia.

He was happy for me to have the wood, as he doesn’t like to see any of it go to waste, and I thought I ought to offer to do him a company name sign in return. He really liked the idea, so I got cracking with some designs.

I think Richard was happy to leave the artwork up to me, but I wanted to keep him in the loop, so I zapped them over and waited to hear back from him. He’ll tell you himself that internetting isn’t his forte, so I used the old fashioned telephone device to discuss the designs with him.

Here’s what we came up with:

AEM Carpentry AEM Carpentry

As you can see, the sign is finished. Richard loved it and is going to be taking it along with him when he’s working.

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