Memory Burden Reducers – aka Bookmarks

Woodland themed bookmarks
Celtic Pyrography Bookmarks
Nature themed bookmarks

It’s a little known fact but in our hectic modern society the human brain is able to remember more than four things at a time, an incredible feat of referencing and recall.

But now, thanks to the recent invention of the bookmark, you can remove one of those memory burdens in order to add another.

Just imagine, now that this handy little gadget is busy remembering which page you’re on you’re free to show off to your significant other by not forgetting their birthday.

Remember to pick the kids up from school, to turn the cooker off after making dinner, or simply remember to wear trousers today. The possibilities are endless.

These bookmarks, which works off their own power and don’t require batteries, are available in our etsy shop. There is a choice of styles, either leather with designs burned on using a Pyrography tool, or antique silver plated metal bookmarks featuring beads and charms. If you don’t see something that quite suits then please get in touch and we can make something specially for you.