Extraordinary Mushrooms

Just last week I was exploring at the bottom of the garden, where the grass grows high and the trees are twisty and covered in moss, when I chanced upon an unusual patch of extraordinary mushrooms.

Fairy house mushrooms

Fascinated, I knelt down and crawled carefully forward for a closer look. I was astonished to see little windows and doors set within the stems and caps.

I held my breath and thought I could hear squeaky little voices, so I gently tapped a fingernail on one of the doors.

A moment later it burst open and a tiny person peered out!

Well, I was flabbergasted. “Oh, er, hello,” I said, smiling tentatively.

The little person ran out and waved his tiny fist at me. “Who are you? What are you doing here? Giants aren’t allowed in the fairy village, go away would you!” He screeched in his squeaky voice.

Mushroom wine glass charms & giant coaster

“I’m not a giant, I’m a person,” I said indignantly, sitting back on my feet and crossing my arms.

“Oh, I do beg your pardon,” the little fairy said, “only I thought you were a giant because you’re so ridiculously big.”

“I’m not ridiculously big, you’re sillyly small,” I said.

“Sillyly isn’t even a real word,” he said and chuckled at me.

“Well, I’m making it a word,” I replied, drawing myself up straight and putting on my most studious face. “I just invented it and now it is a real word.”

During this little exchange several other tiny fairy people had emerged from the mushroom houses and a rather heated discussion took place to determine if my new word should or shouldn’t be accepted.

Fairy house mushrooms

The ‘yes’ fairies liked it because it quite adequately described what the ‘no’ fairies were like, and the ‘no’ fairies didn’t like it because one of them was going to have to rewrite their dictionary to fit it in.

After tea and cakes and a little singsong the word was accepted and for inventing it the fairies made a copy of one of their houses that I could take home with me.

It took all the skill of the chief carpenter and his apprentice to cut and chisel a piece of fallen branch into a mushroom-house shape and as I sat in the dappled shade of a little twisty-oak forest I used a fire stick to recreate the doors and windows of the chief fairy’s house.

I visited the fairies several more times during the sunny season, and each time I came home with a little wooden copy of one of their mushroom houses, but before long the grass became too high and the trees too twisted and the little fairy village was obscured forever, hidden away again at the bottom of my garden.

Mushroom wine glass charms & giant coaster Fairy house mushrooms

Now these little fairy houses can be yours to own, and if you’re very lucky, and the magic is just right, a little fairy might move in and invite you to tea.