Extraordinary Mushrooms

Just last week I was exploring at the bottom of the garden, where the grass grows high and the trees are twisty and covered in moss, when I chanced upon an unusual patch of extraordinary mushrooms. Fascinated, I knelt down and crawled carefully forward for a closer look. I was astonished to see little windows … Read moreExtraordinary Mushrooms

Facebook Competition

Welcome to the competition. Hop over to Facebook and check out the hectic-eclectic page and you’ll find a competition to win a sign of your choice! Don’t worry, you don’t have to Google the answer to an esoteric conundrum, all you have to do is like the hectic-eclectic page and share it on your page. … Read moreFacebook Competition

Don’t piss off the Fairies

I don’t know what will happen if you piss these curious creatures off but, after being enlightened about their wrath by Heidi, I’m not willing to find out. Instead I made a sign to warn everyone about them. Actually, I made three. They’re done on birch ply and each one is individual because I don’t … Read moreDon’t piss off the Fairies