Trick or Treat?

Does anyone choose Trick any more? Are kids today even prepared for that? …probably. Back in my day we carried a supply of eggs and water balloons before giving someone this choice.

That said, I can’t actually recall anyone choosing the Trick option, but we were still prepared, just in case!

So watch out for the misfit horde of tiny weirdlings tonight!

Look out for goblins and ghosts and paranormal hosts. Beware of ghouls from school looking scary-cool and miniture monsters who don’t play by the rules.

Everywhere there’s terror and fright, for this ghastly cast have stolen the night. Spooky little freaks are running the streets, fuelled by your fear and your sugary treats.

Green-faced witches will put you in stitches and when Dracula tackles ya you won’t know what hit ya.

Expect the unexpected, you will be selected, and if you don’t have the toffees to fend off the zombies you’re bound to end up as one of the infected.

So keep a bag of sweets handy because Frankenstein is far from benign if you can’t send him off with a handful of candy.

And above all, have a raucously, hauntingly, happy Halloween, where ever you are.


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