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Halloween is heading our way, and in preparation for frightening fursday this year I’ve dusted off a poem I wrote way way back, at a time when Halloween was first celebrated, and this festivity proved so popular that the yearly custom soon became an annual tradition, which we’ve all enjoyed ever since. Mwahaha!

“What’s that noise? Did you hear that?”
“It’s just the mewing of a cat.”
“A cat that snarls with a tiger’s roar?”
“It’s just a cat and nothing more.”
“There’s something there, of that I swear.”
“Then take a look, of that I dare.”
“I’d rather stay in bed and hide.”
“Maybe it’s a ghost that lurks outside.”
“Stop it now, you’re being ghoulish.”
“And you, my dear, are being foolish.”
“There’s a fiend outside our door, it’s true.”
“It’s not me it’s after, my love, it’s you.”
“Oh, don’t say that, I’m so afraid.”
“Its devilish plan you can’t evade.”
“Stop it now, I’m very scared.”
“To meet your fate you must be prepared.”
“There! The noise once more. You surely heard?”
“Indeed! Something in the night has stirred.”
“Oh gosh! What is it? What ever can it be?”

“Do you not hear me knocking? I forgot my key!”

By Chris circa 2006

Celebrate in style this year. Celebrate in fire! Celebrate the festival Jesus looks the other way for (don’t worry – you get one night off).

Halloween Batty Bats

I’ve done some fun signs and bats to hang by your door on Halloween. You can also hang them by the fireplace at Christmas to spook Santa, making him yelp, which will startle him and give away his presence (HaHaa!) thus giving you the opportunity to capture him. Caution though; if he gets free before you’ve assured him you just wanted to meet him (and get your pick of the prezzies) he’s quite likely to consider this very naughty indeed!

Jack Skellington Happy Halloween

These are examples of what the signs can look like, but they can have anything you like on them. Just let me know what you’re looking for, either by messaging me at the Communication Station, or rattle your chains over to our etsy shop and I’ll scorch it for you.

Have a Haunted Halloween every one!

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