Is there anyone out there?

Starting a blog can feel very much like you are just merrily waffling away to yourself. I do talk to myself and inanimate objects (doesn’t everyone??) but blogging is kind of like doing this in public! And after a while it can be a little disheartening.

We started this blog as a means to share Chris’ work, his pyrography and on occasion his poetry, but blogs really need regular updates and this just doesn’t suit Chris’ artistic, “I can only write when inspired, not on demand” sensibilities! I picked up the slack and soon remembered how much I enjoyed blogging, but had forgotten how hard it can be to start a conversation.

I found one article stating you should:

  • Write good blog posts
  • Don’t over-think it
  • Wait.

I write posts, but would really like someone’s opinion on their quality. Sadly I don’t think that I am capable of not over-thinking it, and I’m not so great at waiting either!!

I would love to hear any opinions on our blog, or just that someone is reading it! 🙂
Are you a blogger? Do you have any advice? How do you encourage people to comment?

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  1. I’m reading it! But I tend not to comment, on anyone’s, so please don’t feel offended. x

    1. Thank you for letting us know that you are reading. We completely understand that you don’t normally comment, so it means a lot that you did this time. 🙂

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