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Hey all, I’ve been working on some new things recently. First up is the Hectic Eclectic banner, which is done on a piece of balsa about 45 cm long and 10 high. It took a couple of days, in between doing all the fun things like washing up and hoovering. I love the whole steampunk thing, and I’m really pleased with how this turned out.
Hectic Eclectic steampunk

Next is the wine sign, and apart from it being fiddley and taking forever I really like the blacked out background and light lettering. Not everything works that way round, but those that do shall be done, on wood as it is on paper, for thine is the ping-pong, the fire and the gravy, for ever and ever, achoo.

Meal without Wine is Breakfast No coffee yet! Pooh Bear - Spell Love Pooh Bear - tracking footsteps

Now, we all love Pooh Bear, he’s a teacher, a mentor, protector and big brother, and his philosophy is not only insightful and inspiring, it’s also simple to understand. So Pooh gets two, and coffee gets one, because though coffee isn’t quite the rival of Confucious, it does kick start the grey matter first thing in the morning, and that’s no bad thing.

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  1. Zoë

    Hi Chris!

    These are amazing! How long have you been burning for? They’re so precise and evenly burnt!
    Love the banner by the way.


    1. The Scorch-Scribe Chris

      Hi Zoe (what’s this? only one ‘e’?)

      Thanks for your comment, I love the banner too (I’m thinking of doing a super-sized one on a big plank of wood).

      I’ve been a scorch-scribe for about 3 months, so I’m only at the end of page 1 and still have training wheels on my pyrography machine. I appreciate how well you think I’m doing though.

      Hasn’t pyrography been around for hundreds of years? How come no spell check I’ve so far encountered recognises pyrography as a word? Even the one on the pyrographyonline forum!


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