Steampunk Clock

Like a movie star to an exclusive party this post is a little late in arriving, but hopefully it’ll also make you glad you were invited.

The steampunk clock is finished, hurrah! But I’m not entirely happy with it, hurroo.

First off, though, a quick recap on what steampunk is. Essentially it’s Victorian era steam-powered machinery, refashioned into futuristic technology. Steam stuff that’s been totally punked. A bit like that wikki wah wah Wild West film with Will Smith.

Ok, back to the clock. I’m fairly happy with the face, and what I wanted was a whole bunch of interlocking cogs, but the next one I make will be more like the Hectic Eclectic banner – with a blacked out background, more precise cog teeth, and extra elements like pipes and chains and pistons.

Hectic Eclectic steampunk

That said, doing this piece has been great experience and I’ve learned quite a bit about what looks good and what doesn’t.

Sounds like I’m really down on the poor clock, huh? It’s not the art, it’s the mechanism that’s disappointed me.

The hands look great (that’s handy), and they have a steampunky look so they go really well with the clock. But the mechanism is a shambles. First off, it doesn’t in any way fix to the back of the wood, it seems like it’s supposed to be held in place by the spindle fitting snugly into the central brass washer.

Steampunk clock

Well, that sounds ideal. Hmm, sounds it, but in practise the spindle is too narrow and the mechanism spins round at the back of the clock.

So maybe the hands are supposed to hold the mechanism in place once they’re fixed into the end of the spindle. Again, sounds reasonable, and initial attempts to secure the hands, whilst fiddley and exasperating, seemed to achieve this.

But they either fix the spindle too tight so it won’t turn, become too loose so the whole thing spins, or the minute hand catches on the hour hand and causes it to freeze up.

Gah! This is so annoying. As you can imagine, I’ve abandoned the whole thing and won’t be doing another one until I can get a whole clock set together, with the hands, mechanism, and the piece of wood it fits perfectly in to.

Like I said, a learning curve.

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