I’m attempting a steampunk clock today. Steampunk is essentially steam age technology – a bunch of cogs and industrial metal gears and pipes and stuff – cobbled together to make futuristic gadgets.

This genre of art looks really cool, so I wanted to do something with it. Something basic, like a clock, with lots of gears. Seemed such a simple idea…

Steampunk clock

This is very difficult. Cogs need symmetry, and not being a particularly good artist I’m finding this quite a challenge. Also, the teeth need to interlock, which is quite hard too, though not as tough as the symmetry thing. But probably the hardest of all is burning free hand circles.

You can mark them out with a compass first, but still you have to burn it free hand, and that’s a skill I imagine it takes time to master. Well, practise makes perfect, makes your fingers ache and makes your eyes hurt.

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