Vive le Fleece

Vive le Fleece

You may have noticed that at Hectic Eclectic we have a small sheep obsession. This is partly caused by and partly responsible for my wool and fibre arts fondness.

I am planing on doing the Tour de Fleece this year, but in the hopes of making better progress than in previous years, rather than just spinning, I am challenging myself to do something woolly everyday.

Hopefully this will help me find time for the woolly pursuits again, as I have done very little, other than add to my stash, since the arrival of wildlings in my life.

I thought I would start a facebook group, Hectic Eclectic’s Frenetic Fleece, to see if anyone felt (pun intended, of course) like joining me, and hopefully to help keep me on track. Then perhaps it can carry on as a generally supportive group.

So if you feel like joining in the challenge, or just feel like chewing the cud over your latest fibre adventures then please head on over to Hectic Eclectic’s Frenetic Fleece and say Hi.