30 Days, 30 Minutes

While roaming the blogasphere I stumbled across Stuff and Nonsense, they are participating in something called “30 Days – 30 Minutes” which is a creativity challenge laid down by Rag Baby.

30 Days – 30 Minutes Creativity Challenge“You must spend 30 minutes a day for 30 days creating something. They don’t have to be consecutive days, there just have to be 30 of them. You can do more than 30 minutes but not less.”

Between working full-time, supporting Chris with Hectic Eclectic, and everyday living, I have had very little time lately for my creative hobbies, and seem to spend an inordinate amount of time looking at and reading about the creativity of everyone else. This leaves me feeling rather jealous, and guilty that I am neglecting my spinning wheel, loom, knitting needles etc etc (OK yes so feeling guilty for neglecting inanimate objects may indicate a need for a cuddly jacket, but please don’t tell them where I am, they haven’t tracked me down yet!)

So having found this challenge I joined the facebook group; but then Chris needed to go to the post office, and as his leg is still incarcerated I am his personal taxi service! We ended up having a nice wander around town, and discovered a hidden gem – a wool shop! I was a little excited, until I got to the door and discovered that they are closing down – for good – in 3 days! 🙁 But too look on the bright side this meant there was very good value to be had – it must be a sign.

More wool

So I have added to my stash – again. I have a selection of wool that I need to decide on projects for, just in case I need to rush back to the shop and get more before they close! BUT, I have set myself a rule that I can not start any new projects till I finish the scarf that is currently on my needles. This isn’t just to avoid being overwhelmed by WIP’s, but because it is a scarf for my Grandma for which I bought the wool over 3 years ago, and while she is in very good health – she is 90!!!

WIP - Grandma's Scarf

I did manage to get a little over 30 minutes done yesterday, and I am determined to do more tonight. I very much hope to be able to get it finished this week as we are seeing her this weekend.

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  1. Your new stash made me think Sky Blanket. Something that I will make one year…maybe…possibly! Love the colours in the scarf 🙂

    1. Am now very curious what a sky blanket is?

      1. Sky Blanket is where you knit/crochet a number of rows or a square each day.The wool used is the same colour as the sky is that day. Laura over at Bugs and Fishesstarted one based on a sky scarf a while back and it looked like fun.

        1. Cool. I may have to add that to my ‘to do’ list.

  2. Well done! Carving out time can be so difficult – but it’s so important not to mention fun!

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