Blog Set-up

I use feedly to keep track of the blogs I follow, but some blogs restrict what is shown in the feedly reader, so you have to go to the website. If I am skimming through with limited time, these will often be skipped. If that first little snippet doesn’t grab my attention, I am not going to take the time to follow the link to read the rest. Is there anything in our setup that annoys or frustrates you?

I wonder if they set it that way so that readers will show in the statistics, as I don’t think it gets counted through feed reader. But isn’t it better to have your post read, even if you don’t know. If I like a post I will take the time to visit the site to ‘like’ the post or leave a comment. Isn’t this a better way of telling how you are affecting your audience?

For the most part I find feedly very convenient. Do you use a feed reader? Is it any good? If not, how do you keep track of your favourite blogs? Do you follow us? If not what could we do to get into your regular reading list?

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