Starting a conversation

I follow quite a few blogs, and I like to let the writer know that their efforts aren’t in vain. One of the features of WordPress blogs that I really love is the ‘Like’ button. While it could be considered to be a lazy option, I find that it is a good way of letting them know that I stopped by and appreciated their post even if I can’t think of anything worth saying in the comments.

Do you use the ‘Like’ button? Are there any other features you really like? Or think we should use?

On the other hand something that frustrates me about some blogs is the limits put on commenting. I understand that limits are necessary to stop your blog being completely drowned in spam, but I think some blogs take it too far and so restrict the number of genuine comments. There are a couple of blogs that I follow that I occasionally would like to comment on, but they require you to have an account with some specific site, or don’t let you leave your ‘address’.

I think that reading and commenting on blogs is like having a conversation and so should be a two way street. What do you think?

How do you find our comments section? Is it too restrictive? Is there a feature you would like to see?