… and far away places!

If you were a pirate, what would you do with your plunder? Hide it in a cave? Bury it on an island under a big X? Both good choices. But what if you were a nation of pirates, with 300 years of pirating experience and 8 million pieces of plunder from around the globe … what then would you do?


Well, you’d construct a huge and impressive building to house all these treasures, assure everyone you came by them honestly, and call it the British Museum!

Horny Celts! Quackers!

Whatever your level of interest in the history of humanity there is something here which you’ll find fascinating, and have trouble extricating yourself from in front of. For me it was the artefacts of the Meso-American cultures. Just look at the intricate beauty of this two-headed snake. I could have stayed in that room for hours.

Push Me Pull You! Mexicat!

I should probably add that I was also very excited to see the Egyptian exhibits as well, most notably the Rosetta Stone, which was the key to cracking the heiroglyphic code.

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