LadyBirds Nature Parent & Toddler Group

We recently discovered the LadyBirds Nature Parent & Toddler Group at Dare Valley Country Park and we love it. We all get time away from work while feeling good that it is for Alex’s benefit! 🙂 I had so much fun taking pictures of Alex that we decided we should have a caption competition, so … Read moreLadyBirds Nature Parent & Toddler Group

Geese in Motion

Normally I like to take a particular picture to meet the Daily Post Photo Challenge, but I had been looking for an excuse to share these geese with you … This dance troupe were the entertainment at the Camp House Inn in Worcestershire where we moored for an evening while on our narrowboat holiday. It … Read moreGeese in Motion

We Was, Like the Grammar in This Title, On Holiday

Where have you been? Why aren’t you blogging? These questions, and others like why haven’t you got any money? And, how come you know so much about canals now? can be answered by telling you we’ve been on holiday, in a barge, on some canals. Here’s a picture of me being the captain. Observant readers … Read moreWe Was, Like the Grammar in This Title, On Holiday

Intense – Bodmin Jail

This weekend in celebration of Chris’ birthday we headed south in the van and he got to choose the excursions … Bodmin Jail was built in 1779 and saw 60 executions before it closed in 1927. The entrance to the jail is through a lush, bright, luxurious bar where you purchase your tickets before stepping … Read moreIntense – Bodmin Jail