Distant Galaxies …

Back in January we had a little jaunt to the Big Smoke! We were going to the theatre to see Stomp ( which was amazing ), but figured we should make a weekend of it and check out some of the fabulous museums that are on offer for FREE!

Rocket! JET 1

I had never been to the Science Museum before ( parents you failed me 😉 ), but we could easily have spent days there …

Manifestation Dry Ice!

… and that was before I found the dry ice! I need to figure out how I can get some dry ice to take more pics at home.

Dry Ice! Dry Ice!

This is just a small selection of the pics I took, Chris only managed to get me out of there because the museum was closing!

Dry Ice! Dry Ice!
Dry Ice!

If you haven’t been and get the chance, you really should go and check it out, did I mention, it’s FREE!

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