A Tribute to my Dad

I miss my Dad dearly, he died in 1997 aged only 55. I think of him every day but there are certain times of the year I especially miss him, Father’s Day being one of them.

I was in my early 20’s when he died and I like to think he’d be proud of the man I’ve become. I know he’d love Heidi and he’d love the home we’ve made for ourselves here in Wales. I think he’d be visiting so often we’d probably be glad every time he left!

Dad always made things fun when my brother and I were growing up. He’d play football with us, take us sailing and fishing and surfing and always encouraged us in everything we wanted to do.

He liked to be a bit of a trickster, telling me things like Stone Henge was discovered by the army in the 40’s, but it was all just stones on the ground and they started rebuilding it, but couldn’t be bothered to finish it and gave up half way through.

He would also grow the most interesting moustaches, from mutton chops to handlebars, then he’d appear for breakfast having shaved it off again.

I miss my Dad, and always have him in my heart.

Cherish your Dad, you only have one (unless you’re Heidi – she has two, how greedy is that!?)

Tell your Dad today how much you love him.

A Tribute to My Dad
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