Your Name Your Style

Your Name Your Style

Graffiti is a style that Chris really enjoys, but we like to keep him on the right side of the law, so as much as he’d like to be painting on walls for now he is restricted to paper!

If you would like to make the most of his captivity and have your own personalised piece that can then be printed onto all manner of useful things then you have come to the right place.

Here are a few examples of pieces that Chris has done recently and a couple of ideas of things they can be printed on.

Unique, custom name designs

For £30 you can have a single name in a style and colour scheme to suit you. Once you and Chris are happy with the final design, you will receive an A4 downloadable version which you can do whatever you like with. You will also receive a 10% off voucher towards an order of lovely things with your new design.

Numbers are limited as Chris can only draw one-handed and when our dictators toddlers allow. So don’t wait if you want one of these unique pieces. Especially if you need it by a specific date.

Please feel free to pop your questions, thoughts or requests in the comments below.