Busy bees!

With our assortment of creatures and my fondness for fresh from the garden vegetables, this time of year is very busy. Add to that the time needed for exercise so I don’t lose the diet challenge. It means that I have been spending only the time needed for work at my desk, leaving the blog sadly neglected.

Since I last posted we have liberated our ducks from their temporary pen …

Ducks & sheep Ducks & sheep

The sheep thought they were fascinating, but sadly the appreciation was not mutual and the ducks soon decided that the garden was more agreeable.

Chris & ducks Ducks in the garden
Charlie & the ducks

We have also been working on rooing / shearing our sheep. I was not thrilled with the job done by the shearer we hired last year, he left far too many cuts on my sheep. So this year we are doing it by hand! It is a slow process and although they feel much better after the fact, while we are trying to separate them from their fleeces the sheep are convinced we are doing something terrible!

New haircut Beardy sheep!

We have four of seven done, which is past the half way mark. But unfortunately we have the 3 big girls, who are the least friendly and the biggest and strongest, left to do. Please wish us luck!

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