RIP Pebbles

Pebbles was our rabbit. She had had a rough past, as a result she didn’t like other rabbits or people. She quite liked Charlie and Ollie although they ignored her. She liked the sheep but thought the chickens were insane. The way to her heart was definitely via her stomach, and with the right treats she would almost forget we were of ‘that’ human species!

Pebbles Pebbles

She was a belligerent ornery rabbit. Before I met her I had no idea that rabbits growled and barked, or knew such bad language. But she was part of the family and we loved her regardless of her grouchy ways.


Little One, we are so sorry we didn’t protect you from the beast that broke into your pen and took your life. And that you didn’t get to enjoy the treats I had just bought for you. We miss you.

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