Best laid plans

We had plans to get the last of the girls sheared this week. We have succeeded in fully shearing 1. That 1 took the best part of Sunday!

We started on Olivia after work on Monday, and got halfway. We fully intended on finishing her the next day. But sheep, being sheep, they had other plans.


Tuesday began with me rescuing Nytah (one of the yearlings) from the chicken coop. She had broken in and gotten stuck. She had also found a stash of chicken food and stuffed herself silly.

Unfortunately with sheep, eating the equivalent of of 3 Christmas dinners in one sitting can have grave consequences. Tuesday evening was spent with the vet, in the field, sticking a tube down her throat and a needle in her side. Since then there have been many bouts of force-feeding medication, as evidenced by the state of my feet!


This evening she is slightly less inflated than she was, and does seem to be feeling a little better in herself. It was certainly a lot harder to get the last lot of medicine in her. She is not out of the woods yet, but we are quietly hopeful.


Davina and Olivia on the other hand are hoping that this carries on, as they are quite sure we are going to do terrible things to them just as soon as we stop ‘torturing’ Nytah!

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