A Perfectly Peculiar Day

I once met a cat, in a waistcoat and hat,
Who stopped and said, “hello!”
“Well fancy that, a talking cat,”
I said and turned to go.

I once saw a dog playing chess with a frog,
So I watched to see who would win.
The frog was agog when “I’ve won!” said the dog,
And I left with my head in a spin.

I once found a bear who was combing his hair,
With a comb that was state of the art.
“I declare,” said the bear as he rose from his chair,
“That I do look ever so smart.”

I once met a fox drinking rum on the rocks,
Who asked me to play tiddlywinks.
I pulled up my socks, said “yes'” to the fox,
And sat down to play games and drink drinks.

I once met a bird who spoke a third of his words,
In an accent I found rather strange.
“How absurd!” said the bird, most perturbed when he heard,
Me say he sounded deranged.

This all happened to me when I once found a tree,
On which a mushroom had suddenly appeared.
I chomped merrily and consequently,
The world then got wonderfully weird.

By Chris 2014